Smart mission! Happy change!
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Smart mission! Happy change!
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Inheritance of the Levites
  민수기 18:21-18:32
  Who is God?
Vv. 31,32 The Levites and their households may eat the offering anywhere, for it is their wages for their work at the Tent of Meeting. But they also have to offer the best of what they receive to God so that they do not abuse the holy gift and die in disobedience. There is no exception for God’s people not to give thanks for what God had provided.

  What lesson is God teaching me?
Vv. 21-24 The Israelites relied on the Levites to go before God and the Levites relied on the people’s tithes to live. No one is independent in God’s community, but is connected with each other to share the blessing. Through my sharing, who will be fruitful in our community?
Vv. 25-29 God gives the best things to the people, the people share the best with the Levites, and the Levites offer the best of the best to God. What a beautiful circle of the blessing! With whom do I share all good gifts (James 1:17) received from God?

  O Lord, my everlasting inheritance! Let me always be satisfied with and thankful for what the Lord provides.

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